What To Expect



All consultations take place in the tranquillity of Helen’s dedicated treatment room, allowing you to fully relax and take time out for yourself.

There is a comfortable treatment couch for you to sit or lie on, depending on the acupuncture points being used. You’ll keep your clothes on the entire time but loose clothing is advisable as commonly used acupuncture points are located on your arms and legs.  Don’t be surprised if the acupuncture points used are in a different part of the body to your symptoms – a point on your foot might be used to treat migraines or back pain!

It is advisable not to eat a heavy meal or have an empty stomach before you come for acupuncture and strenuous exercise or alcohol is not recommended on the same day following an acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture is all about treating the individual, not the symptom, so it is vital to look at all aspects of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


At your first 90 minute appointment, we will talk at length about your symptoms, medical history, lifestyle (e.g. diet, exercise, work and sleep) and life experiences.


By observing and listening to you, I will discover the condition of your Qi (a Chinese term meaning life force or energy) and determine which of the 500+ acupuncture points I should use to bring your physical, mental and emotional health into balance and to optimise the flow of Qi.

You’ll have your first acupuncture treatment at the end of this session

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