Acupuncture and Fertility



Trying for a baby without success can be the most lonely, painful, frustrating experience.  Every friend or work colleague you know is pregnant, had their second baby and managed to get pregnant without seemingly trying.  Your friends and family try to encourage you by saying things like “just relax, it’ll happen!” or “you’re young, you’ve got plenty of time!” or even worse “when are you going to start a family then, time’s ticking on”.


Your insides are screaming with frustration and emotional pain and so you learn to trot out a sentence in explanation “we’re doing the house up at the moment” or “works too busy” or “we will one day”.  You avoid family parties and christenings like the plague, you follow the healthiest diet known to man, you avoid sugar, coffee and alcohol and any other foodstuff that is considered even vaguely unhealthy.  Every morning, you wedge yourself between your partner and the kitchen door and don’t move until you have witnessed him swallow the preconception vitamins and other concoctions carefully researched on the internet, whilst ready to throttle him if he dares to protest.  You tell yourself you’ll be pregnant by Christmas, your next birthday, by next Summer.  You have almost forgotten the person you were before this rollercoaster ride began and it feels that light at the end of the tunnel is fading as each month passes.


I know how hard this journey is because not only have I successfully treated with acupuncture many couples with fertility problems but I have a history of infertility myself.  I tried for many years to have a family and I really do understand the many challenges that this journey brings.  Whilst each couple may have a different story to another, there are many similarities in the feelings that individuals experience.


I will use acupuncture points to maximise your chance of a healthy pregnancy and there is a growing body of research which indicates that acupuncture increases your chance of success.  I will build in time to our session to listen to you, to try to understand how you feel and to offer you support.  I will use acupuncture points to try to improve your fertility but also to help you cope both mentally and emotionally.  Acupuncture can help the rollercoaster to become a gentler ride whilst you wait for your baby to arrive.


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